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Star OtakuMoroki
Anime/manga fans, UNITE!

Group Founder: ashs
Description: There must be more to life than sitting around wondering if there's more to life. -old internet meme.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 14
Category: Entertaintment & Media > General

Topics (7)

go Dead? (3) maxum
Has this group died? I refuse to let it die, im gonna keep making topics and replying, even if Im the only one chin.gif sigh.gif..

go Evangelion (0) maxum
Just finished watching neon genisis. Has anyone else seen it? What did u think about the last 2 eps? Ive never seen an anime that examined the human condition that vigorously before.

go Recommend (10) maxum
Post the anime or manga u highly recommend. If u hvent seen or read wolves rain, i suggest u get it. A very moving story, with deep symbolism.

go Anime quotes (21) suganeko
favourite anime quotes?

go Fave anime theme song[s]?? (3) suganeko
Whoa, i have alot...but if i had to narrow it down... the vampire knight endings- still doll and suna no oshiro by wakeshima kanon, and the shakugan no shana op- hishoku no sora by mami kawada :] what...

go classic anime (17) nitely
Im rewatching all the classic anime so far i watched all the ranma 1/2 and am now watching fist of the north star what was everyones fav old anime

go What's your fav anime show (12) animegrl
hey all! what are ur favorite anime shows. my top three are naruto, bleach and code geas* but i love them all.

Polls (2)

go Do you think that Naruto will ever become Hokage?
go Do you prefer anime or manga?